Farming blog
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Farming blog

  • VICE meets up with Joe Nickell, a longtime paranormal investigator who’s been called the real-life Scully. We travel with him to Roswell, NM on the called the real-life Scu

  • Soil tillage is to create favourable growing conditions for the plant and it is practised for many reasons which include: 1. The establishment of a seedbed for sprouting an

  • With the exception of plant breeders, we propagate potatoes vegetatively or asexually; potatoes of the same variety are genetically identical to their parents. So, the ‘see

  • The potato plant has a poorly developed root system. Fertilizer is therefore applied mainly in the planting furrows at the time of planting. It should preferably be placed

  • There can be very marked differences between yields of different plantings of a potato, depending on the cultivar selected, and on the environmental conditions prevailing d

  • Common physiological disorders of potato foliage include frost, hail lightning, windburn, and air pollution damage. Damage from these disorders can be distributed uniformly

  • Ridging or earthing up is simply the process of adding soil to the crop such that the bed height is increased. Yields are increased by ridging because tubers are formed fro

  • Seed Potato is sold in different Counts 230, 350, 500, and 800. Counts are basically the minimum number of tubers within the 25 kg pocket! Generally, a successful hectare h

  • The number of potato tubers produced by each potato plant is influenced by agronomy and varietal potential. 1. Selecting the right variety. 2. Minimise the number of times

  • Processing high dry matter content is required to achieve a good fry colour and often 20-25% is specified. Nitrogen, potassium and magnesium can all have an influence on tu

  • Currently, the potato value chain in Zimbabwe is inefficient and fragmented, which is an outcome of weak market linkages, poor smallholder organization, lack of infrastruct

  • Answer: No, Do you know which varieties you planted? Each type of potato has different “days to maturity”. For example, Mnandi cultivar are 90 to 110 days to maturity. Flow

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